School Housekeeping Services

Indian schools are under tight budgetary pressure. Many are also facing requirements that learning environments be greener, cleaner and healthier.
Our efficient cleaning process produces a cleaner indoor environment. It also reduces cleaning time, ultimately saving you money. Plus, our environmentally friendly cleaning products can help make your school a healthier place, helping to improve student and staff performance.
Our highly trained cleaning professionals offer dedicated service to school administrators that go above and beyond the standard of care you expect. With constant accessibility and clear communication, we do the job right the first time, every time.

At Quality Housekeeping Services, we work towards making schools a healthy, clean and safer place for the children. Schools witness children of various age groups come in daily for their education, play time, extra-co curricular activities and so on. In the middle of this, it is difficult to keep track of every child with regards to hygiene. But the best can be done by giving them a clean environment at all possible time and making them aware of their safe surroundings. Our school housekeeping services are focused upon ensuring that young students are safe from any form of infection, unhealthy areas and have complete access to a clean school. We ensure this by going through the school and taking a look at all its areas. We then divide the work between our team where we have trained staff for several cleaning tasks. Right from the floors, classrooms, offices, canteen, restrooms, playgrounds and other functional areas of the school, we take care of it all. Our staff uses the best products there are to clean these areas and leaving them spotless. With children especially, one cannot ensure all minute details. Like when children come back after play and enter their classes, they bring back all the dust and germs from the field. Similarly, when so many children use the restrooms on a daily basis, it is bound to have some sort of germs and infection. We ease your worry here. As a school housekeeping company we make sure that all housekeeping measure are provided and timely cleaning is maintained. We spray, dust, clean, wipe and do everything possible to keep areas of the school contamination free and healthy for the children.

    Our Services include :
  • Maintenance of all common areas accessed by the staff and kids

  • Eliminate harmful bacteria, stains and maintain sanitation

  • Clean drinking and eating areas for the children

  • Efficient Housekeeping services for to enhance all school facilities

Children get easily affected by contamination from dirty water, food, dust and other forms of bacteria and infectious particles. Just how they get a clean atmosphere at their homes, schools also need to maintain the same. After all, they spend a large part of their time learning, playing and interacting in the school. Quality Housekeeping Services offers School housekeeping service to overcome all the cleaning and maintenance challenges faced by schools and make schools an absolutely healthy and safe place for the kids.
If you are looking for the best school housekeeping service in your area, stop your search here. With our advanced and high end services, we are certain to deliver excellent results to you. Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements. Schools nourish the future of tomorrow and we make it worthy by eliminating unhealthy environment and providing dirt free and fresh premise to the children as they enter their schools.