Sofa Cleaning Services

Home is where one feels completely relaxed. Herein, sofas are a place where one spends maximum time curling up reading a book or laying cozy watching television. Not only this, but sofas are also common furniture that is part of offices, hotels, and hospitals. It is an important accessory that cannot be replaced. Over time, sofas tend to get dirtier with kids spilling food, ink, and crumps of food getting stuck in between the corners. Herein, cleaning sofas on a timely basis an important criterion. Our company Quality Housekeeping Services are pioneers and popular for our Sofa Cleaning Services for homes, resorts, offices, hotels, hospitals, and spas.

We restore the old appearance of your sofa

Sofas are usually made of fur and fabrics that are more prone to accumulating dirt. Herein, mere dusting does not help in completely cleaning the sofa. This requires deep cleaning that not only helps in cleaning the corners and ends from even minutest dirt and dust but also assists in restoring the original appearance to the sofa.

No harm to the fabrics

Different sofas are made of different fabrics. Besides, each fabric requires unique treatment, and hence having a good understanding of the material can help in carrying out appropriate cleaning. Herein, cleaning the sofa using any equipment can spoil the material and lead to complications leaving tears and removal of foams.
We at Quality Housekeeping Services have professionally trained staff who recommend appropriate cleaning machines for different types of fabrics. Our Sofa Cleaning Services include shampooing for cleaning leather sofa covers, dust, and dry vacuum cleaning for other materials like fur. Besides, other efficient methods include chemical foam scrubbing, buff spraying as well as conditioning.

Stain and dirt removal

Germs have the capacity of infiltrating to the deepest parts of the furniture and sofas wherein they breed excessively. These when left untreated tend to turn into a leading cause for many respiratory problems. Besides, the foamy interior parts of the sofa tend to attract more germs and pathogens from liquid, food, and surroundings. These later form stains and spots that are extremely stubborn to get removed. As part of our cleaning Services, we bring to our client deep cleaning services on the sofa surfaces. Herein the machines are penetrated to the deepest parts and crevices of the sofa that can wipe away allergens, bacteria, stains, and dirt.

We use eco-friendly products that are free of chemicals

We at quality housekeeping services believe in providing a sustainable environment to every person through our housekeeping and cleaning services. This objective is also reflected in our work, wherein we use eco-friendly materials that are free of chemicals. Some of the substances used by us for sofa cleaning include vinegar, baking soda, warm water, turmeric, lime, etc. that can free of pollution and from causing allergies.

Restoring the colors and life of the sofa

Is your sofa looking dull lately? With our different techniques of scrubbing, vacuuming, and cleaning we help in restoring the original appearance of the sofa, its color, and durability.


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