Guesthouse Housekeeping Services

A guest is someone who is held in high regard and we do everything to make them feel comfortable. As a guesthouse owner, your responsibility is a notch higher. Ensuring your guest is comfortable and is happy with the services is the most important criterion. Herein, presenting a clean and hygienic surrounding is what plays a major role. And this is what makes employing housekeeping services for your guesthouse a must if you want to lay a lasting impression on your clients in addition to ensuring your guesthouse is in a well-kempt manner.

We at Quality Housekeeping Services offer Guesthouse Housekeeping Services, wherein our services are tailored exclusively to meet the needs of our clients. With an excellent team of efficient staff who are trained in every aspect of housekeeping and maintenance deem to be your helping hand in offering the appropriate amenities and facilities to your guests. Here is a list of features you can expect under our Guesthouse Housekeeping Services:

Welcome your guests with a smile and a positive vibe

The very ambiance of a place lays the first and also everlasting impression on the visitors. The same goes for guesthouses too. Hence, it is highly important to maintain cleanliness and keep all the places dust free. Who likes to be welcomed by dirt and foul odor of leftover food, or stains on the desk in the reception area? Well, no one right! We at quality housekeeping services offer guest housekeeping for corporates, hospitality, and homes. Using high-tech technology and the latest methods we carry out regular vacuuming, mopping, and supervision of the place to ensure it is spic and span with shine.

Laundry and Linen

Laundry happens to be the most important and integral part of guesthouses. Your guests would surely expect fresh laundry and linen and herein meeting the hygiene needs is completely vital. Our services include replacing the old laundry and linen as well as getting them thoroughly washed using high-quality cleansing washing products. Besides, we provide varied procedures to change different types of linen which include bed sheets, table cloths, blankets, cushion covers, furnishing upholstery, draperies, curtains, spa, and bath towels, carpets, etc. by changing it every day and restocking fresh and clear ones.

Maintenance of Spa, Pools, Bathrooms, and Toilets

The next stop after laundry which is most important for guesthouses are toilets and spas. Our entire staff is highly trained in paying special attention to these areas and keeping them clean. We carry out occasional cleansing activities that include scrubbing of tiles, removing stains, clean bathtubs and toilet seats, deep cleaning of pools and spas.

Management of furniture and fittings

When it comes to guest houses, furniture and fittings require the most care. As they are handled by thousands of people, it tends to become stained, accumulate spots as well as may break off. As a part of our service, we manage sofa-beds, dust and wipe furniture, photo frames, statues, and other assets on a timely basis.
A clean surrounding is always welcoming and we at Quality Housekeeping Services offer you the best!


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