Sofa Cleaning Services

To maintain your quality sofa, it is necessary to clean it regularly to extends their lives. In Sofa Cleaning, Vacuuming and Shampooing Service we use special machines and cleaning shampoos which removes dust, stains from Sofa and provide you with clean and hygienic environment.
The best way to keep your sofa clean is to keep it under wraps. Impossible, right? With living room being a hub of activity at almost all Indian homes, sofas bear the brunt of excessive usage. From watching television to having a warm family time, sofa is one furniture which is used the most. Repeated usage makes sofa sets dirty and dull. Various methods and tricks are tried to keep sofas from getting dirty. One such trick is to keep the living room locked until a guest is announced.

Leaning sofa with baking soda is gentle and effective on delicate fabric. Cleaning sofa with vinegar and warm water with a spoon of liquid detergent is a general cleanser for stubborn stains. Borax in warm water is great for removing juice, wine and dark chocolate stains. Cleaning sofa with steam (cloth dipped in boiling hot water) is recommended for milky tea and coffee spills.
Certain stains may need specific cleaning agents. Diluted rubbing alcohol (surgical spirit from a chemist's shop works fine) is good for removing ink stains from sofas. For removing blood stains from sofas, rinse with cold water (for fresh blood) or hot water (for dried blood) till the stain is faint and follow up by scrubbing with a mild detergent.
It is perhaps most challenging to remove oil stains from sofas. For food spills, scrape away as much particulate matter as possible and blot the oil stain with tissue. To remove completely, sprinkle borax powder to absorb the grease. Brush off when completely soaked and repeat till the oil is gone. To remove the yellow colour of turmeric, use lemon juice or white vinegar. Lipstick is another greasy stain and can be dealt with some nail polish remover (acetone) or turpentine diluted in water (1:1) to wipe it away.