Mall Housekeeping Services

Quality Housekeeping Services provides cleaning systems for malls. This mall housekeeping services system is divided into 6 different parts of the service that is required to keep everything running smoothly all throughout the year.
Evening or night (after opening hours) cleaning services.
Daytime (during opening hours) cleaning services.
Restroom sanitation services.
Window washing service.
Parking area sweeping and waste disposal service.
Special cleaning services (graffiti removal and more).

Malls are public access places that witness large footfall on a daily basis. Operational from morning to night, people from all walks of life come to malls to pass way time, meet friends, watch a movie, shop, and eat and so on. As they walk in, they carry with them germs, dirt and pollutants from the outside. But a mall’s effort must always be to overcome these problems and provide a healthy and clean inside space to the people. Quality Housekeeping Services offers mall housekeeping service to effectively ensure that whoever walks in to the mall is welcomes with a clean and inviting place.
People visit malls as an alternative to the outside space. In the last decade, malls have become the counterpart of parks and gardens where people would go for their leisure time. While malls cannot possibly provide the benefits of a healthy and green park, it can surely provide a clean atmosphere within the enclosed glasses. We help malls make this possible by providing timely and dedicated housekeeping services for a great experience to the public. It also gives the staff of various brands and food joints to work in a healthy place that is infection free and maintained regularly.

Highlights of our mall services

  • Ensure cleaning of the floors and remove tough stains

  • Frequent cleaning of the restrooms and stocking the supplies

  • Emptying dustbins and cleaning food court and other eating areas

  • Keeping children’s play areas hygienic

  • Spraying to erase foul smell and eradicate pests

  • Providing all essentialmall housekeeping services to the malls

It’s impossible to control the habits of the people who come to the mall. Each day is a new day and different people come in to visit malls. You cannot tell someone to look after the mall as they are only there to visit. The responsibility lies in the hand of the mall authorities and at some times it can get out of control. By outsourcing these services to a housekeeping company like ours, assured results are bound to follow. We have been in the housekeeping industry for years and our dedication and experience speaks through our voluminous work. When you look around the mall, all you will see are sparkling and maintained areas.
For the teams of housekeepers and supervisors at Quality Housekeeping Service, there is no space better than a clean, welcoming and healthy one. We provide malls with all these benefits and make sure people continue to visit with happy smiles. Malls demand high services to cater to the needs of the staff, the people and the infrastructure that is provided. We provide sufficient number of staff to look after all these requirements. It is the sheer professionalism of our staff that makes us best mall housekeeping company in your area. All our team members come to your mall dressed in uniforms and with the required tools. They understand allotted areas and require no further watch. We believe in working as a team and this is how we move forward.